Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Nervous a bit? I couldn't tell..."

Finally it stopped raining for a bit... Ultimate frisbee season kicked off!

Last night was our first time back on the field for a game and it was quite strange. It almost felt like we had never stopped. Except the heavy brace was a reminder... Mireille probably should have practiced a bit with it beforehand. It ain't easy lugging that thing around.

We were very cautious out there. Had to test what we could do. The first half of the game, we didn't do too much... Just tried to keep up with our opponent!

The second half was much better. Caught and made a few passes. Ran a bit harder.

The highlight of the game was when the guy from the other team was plowing towards Mireille. She reacted the way someone would when you see a mouse in your kitchen. She lost all her cred in that moment...

Mireille would like to think the highlight was when she made the pass that won us the game. Hopefully, that overshadows the incident...

Today we are going to get our brace adjusted. The leg has changed quite a bit since it was originally sized. The leg workouts are paying off.