Thursday, November 4, 2010


A couple of months ago, a fellow Ultimate Frisbee player from the team we used to play on injured his knee. The unmistakable loud pop was heard from across the field.

Of course, he stopped playing and quickly made an appointment to see a sports med doctor and physiotherapist. He was also put on the waiting list for an MRI.

So, here's our beef.

When we first got injured, we followed the same protocol. Saw some professionals who examined the knee. We repeatedly got told: "Oh, it's probably just your meniscus."

"Well, your knee is tight. I doubt it's your ACL."

Yeah, well then we got our MRI results and there was a shopping list of damage. How devastating is that to hear after people have been playing down your injury??

My teammate went through the same thing. Despite hearing the pop, he was told it doesn't seem that bad. He just got his MRI results back and the injury is practically as extensive as ours was.

Ugh... wouldn't it be better to be told the worst and then be somewhat relieved when the results come back in? Why keep our hopes up?? Sorta like the concept of under-promise and over-deliver???

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