Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A bit over 5 and a half months

After we kinda ran 2 kms on Saturday, Mireille was feeling pretty good and ready to hit the track again.

I was moving well and Mireille was psyched. However, the legs weren't cooperating. It felt like someone had poured concrete in Mireille's quads. I guess we haven't built enough muscle mass, yet??

Maybe it was the hooligan loitering in the bushes on the southside of the track. He was quite distracting. You know when you get scared and you freeze? Maybe that's what was happening.

If I ever go missing, please inform the police about a middle-aged man walking aimlessly and looking suspicious. Ok, so I didn't a good look at him... Crap.

Yes, I'm paranoid by nature.


  1. How long does it take you to run the 2k? Have you run on the sidewalk at all or just the track?

  2. I'm too embarassed to time myself! Probably longer than generally accepted.

    No sidewalk, just gravel track. I don't trust concrete.

  3. Ah ok. I wish I had a track I could go to, but I'm stuck with Toronto sidewalks. I think the gravel track would be a safer bet at this point.