Thursday, August 6, 2009

1 year since injury

Today marks exactly one year since my injury.

In fact, it was even around this time (7:30-ish) that Mireille collapsed and remained frozen to the ground. She wouldn't look at me. She was sure I was black and blue and the size of a soccer ball. All she could think was:

"OMG, my kneecap is shattered and probably the bones in my legs. It's ok, they'll fix you... they'll fix you..."

She didn't even look at me as they took her in the ambulance. The whole time she just stared straight up, repeated the mantra "they'll fix you..." and focused on her breathing to get through the pain.

"I'm sorry miss but we can't give you any pain medication."


Mireille finally glanced down at me in the hospital. I wasn't even swollen... She panicked for a second: "Did I make a scene for nothing?"

The extent of my injuries only revealed itself the next day. And, we now all know, I didn't make a scene for nothing - unfortunately!


We saw the surgeon again today. Dr. B told us another 3 months until our return to sports...


  1. Ah so you took an ambulance too? Same here. They were kind enough to give me morphine though.

    I also thought I had broken a bone as there was some weird bumps and stuff coming out of my leg.

    That's too bad about the return to sports, I have a feeling my surgeon's going to say the same thing if I don't get my leg muscles equal. Did he give a reason why you had to wait another 3 months?

  2. Yay! I'm not the only one. I don't understand why mine didn't want to give me anything.

    My bones (femur + tibia) smashed into one another. I still had bone bruising when my surgeon went in and fixed my ACL, 7 months after the injury... Crazy.

    He didn't give me a reason but I wouldn't be surprised if it were because of my quad. I don't mind too much because I didn't intend on going back to Ultimate until next summer.

  3. Ah ok, so you weren't dissappointed when he gave you the 3 month timeline. Well that's good. At least you'll have less risk of a re-tear!

    I think they said the same thing about my bone bruises too. They sure take a long long time to heal.