Sunday, October 4, 2009

Do I or don't I?

These past couple of weeks we've been hearing a lot of stories about knee injuries and how these people are never going to return to the sport they were doing when they got hurt.

So, Mireille's been a bit down because of that and unsure about what she should do.

I'm feeling great and I often forget now that I was ever hurt. Going to back to sports seems like a no-brainer but people are planting seeds of doubt in us.

Is it worth going back to Ultimate? Do I really need to go back and prove a point? Who says I would get hurt again? We just saw Tom Brady playing football today. He went back. As do pretty much all pro football players.

Ok but Mireille isn't a professional, paid athlete. I guess if money were involved, there would be no question.



  1. Well don't feel pressured into going back. But you've put a lot of effort into your knee, might as well enjoy it! Just don't get injured again.. it's that simple ;)

  2. It's tough to face the possibility of giving up an activity that you really enjoy, but is there another sport that you could do? Something easier on your knee?