Saturday, October 10, 2009

High heel hiatus

Is being short really that bad?

We went to yet another wedding this past weekend and Mireille faced the oh so important question: What shoes do I wear?

The previous wedding we went to, Mireille sported the heels (I'm talking four inches, here) for the ceremony and then flats for the rest of the evening.

The wedding prior to that one, we wore one-inch heels the whole night.

So what to make of that? At first, it seemed Mireille was anxious to get back in heels and started slow with the one-inch kind. Then, we went all the way with the four inches but they came off pretty quickly. This weekend, we stuck with flats.

This whole injury business has got Mireille embrassing her shortness. Looks like the high heels are going to stay in the closet for a while still.

After all, what's better than a cute ballet flat?

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