Wednesday, June 3, 2009

13 weeks, 1 day

Mystery solved.

The song is called "Bruises" by Chairlift. Oh, and it does say "knees" twice in the chorus. We're liking it. Apparently, it was featured in an ipod commercial. Who knew? Probably everyone but me...

I know this is going to sound strange but Mireille went out and rented the CPM machine again. Yes, that massive piece of equipment that drove us nuts right after surgery. I tend to crunch and tighten still when bending. Mireille hopes the machine will help smoothen things out. We'll give it a shot for a week and see what happens... Can't hurt.

Today, we tried the hamstring curl machine for the first time. We definitely have no hamstring muscle left! 10 pounds was nearly impossible. Someone even had to spot. However, walking after we felt fantastic. We might be onto something here...

Lesson learned: the quads are important but don't forget the hammies.


  1. Hello, left knee! So grateful to find your blog. CPM round 2? I'm so sorry. I just got rid of mine one week post-op. Although it's torture, I'm surprised they don't make us do it longer, but, like you, my knee might have to rent it out down the road.

    P.S. Love that song! Kinda forgot about it, but the knee references make me smile.

    (The guy part)"...i grabed some frozen strawberries so I could ice your brusing knees."

  2. Hehe. Glad to have found yours, too!

    Round 2 of CPM is actually not so bad. It's annoying but helping.

    Yeah, it's a good knee song ;-)