Thursday, July 16, 2009

19 weeks, 2 days

I don't have much to write about but feel obligated because it's been a while.

The walking keeps getting better. I am now getting more positive feedback from people and less "are you ever going to get better?" By the way, YES I am!

I've discovered that we can now jump. It was scary at first but surprisingly easy. I should have tried jumping a long time ago.

I catch a bit when I try to run so this part of the progress is still slow...

I still go to physio once a week. It's my social outing and I'm not ready to let go, yet.

I do an intense leg workout at the gym twice a week. Every non-gym day I either bike, swim, "run", jump, throw the disc. It all depends on my mood. Every day, though, I do yoga morning and evening.


  1. Hi,newbie here.:)
    That is great that you're getting better. The effort your making to improve is really impressive! What kind of yoga do you do?

  2. Hey Hannah!

    Welcome and thanks for dropping by. :-)

    I have a bunch of Gaiam and Bodywisdom DVDs at home. They are pretty much hatha yoga videos with some sun salutations and stuff thrown in. They've been really helpful on a lot of levels.

    Are you a yogi?