Thursday, July 16, 2009

19 weeks, 3 days

Holy geez!

I forgot to mention a huge milestone, yesterday. This is going to sound really bad but there's no other way to say it simply.

Mireille showered for the first time since her injury!

Ok, now let me explain...

After we got hurt, Mireille had a really hard time just standing there. Plus, we could barely put any pressure on me. So, we starting taking baths.

Wash hair = bath
Quick wash after the gym = bath
Sore muscles = bath
Cold outside = super hot bath
Regular, everyday cleaning = bath.

We really liked taking baths in the first place so this was the perfect excuse for taking them every single day.

"You're using a ton of water..." How about you bust your knee and stand in the shower?

"It's been months, why are you still exclusively taking baths?" Hey, we really like baths.

"It takes you forever..." I must admit, this is true.

And, with that, I'll finish by saying Mireille really appreciated how efficient the morning routine was when we didn't have to wait for the tub to fill up, pour a bucket of water on Mireille's head ten times to get all the shampoo out and rush through breakfast to make it to work at a decent time.

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  1. Dear Mireille's knee (and Mireille),
    Just read through your whole blog, and I love your sense of humor. I'm at 3 weeks post-op and it was really helpful to read about your journey. Thanks for sharing, and good luck getting back to Ultimate!
    Kind regards,
    Newly Fixed Right ACL

    p.s. I'm thinking about traveling internationally at 3 months post-op; would you have traveled then?