Thursday, July 30, 2009

21 weeks, 2 days

Real pain or fear pain?

A work buddy is seeing a physio for knee issues. She is experiencing pain in various areas of the knee and my situation surely increased her paranoïa. Her physio is reminding her to question whether it's real pain or fear pain. How smart.

The yoga is highlighting some of Mireille's own fear pain. Currently, the most challenging asana by far is Child's pose. I can't quite bend to the point where Mireille is sitting on her heels. I also feel a sharp pain when being bent and pulled in towards the chest. So much for full flexion.

However, during tonight's practice, I noticed that I felt bendier the more Mireille cleared her mind, relaxed and breathed through it.

So, what's new? We're starting to walk with a swagger. Oh yeah...


  1. Hey do you feel pain the in the back of your knee when you try to fully bend? I have full flexion but I can't sit on my legs without the pain in the back of the knee.

  2. I have that exact problem. When I get measured at physio, I have full flexion. But... I can't even sit on my knees because of pain in the back of my knee. I put a pillow in between when I do my yoga.

    I am going to see my surgeon next week so I will ask him about that. I hope it's something that goes away eventually.

  3. Thanks for the comment Mireille, I hope you have better luck sleeping! And I'm a fan of this unique style of blogging, knees do indeed have a lot to talk about

  4. No problem, CP. I look forward to keep reading about your progress!

  5. Well I asked the doctor about the pain in the back of the knee while bending and she didn't really know. She said it might be the early stages of arthitis but that doesn't make any sense to me.

    Maybe your surgeon will have a better answer!

  6. What!? That doesn't make any sense at all.

    Ok, I will see what mine says Thursday...

  7. I think she was new and didn't have much experience. I'm definitely interested in what your surgeon says!