Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 39

This whole ordeal has made me quite the celebrity at work. Mireille can't go anywhere in the building without someone stopping her to ask about me. However, it often sounds like this "You hurt your foot?"

Complete strangers are concerned. At first, it was flattering but now it just seems to add a lot of pressure. "Been like that a long time, eh?" Yeah, thanks. I hadn't realized...

Sometimes it's just the stares that freak me out. Take a picture, please!

Oh wait, don't... That's even creepier.

Anyway, I'm inching my way out of this plateau. I'm still quite stiff and the kneecap is stuck but with some massaging, it's getting better. I'm feeling strong and a lot more stable.

Gotta get more agressive with my bending, though, because I'm still only hovering at about 127 degrees.

This is me now. I look swollen but that's just the way I'm bent in the picture. Wounds are healing nicely!!

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