Saturday, April 25, 2009

Seven weeks, 5 days

There are a few (but very few) benefits to being temporarily less abled. Here's a list of my top favorites:

1 - Indoor parking all winter at work
2 - Bypass long lines at the airport
3 - Preferential treatment every now and then

However, there are far more disadvantages. In addition to the obvious...

1 - People cut you off
2 - Elevator doors get shut in your face a lot
3 - You get stared at

The indoor parking pass at work will expire in about a week. By then, we should be good to bike to work and that is what we plan on doing. "We" being myself and Mireille, of course. I figure I should start talking in "we"s now because Mireille is finally taking a more prominent role in her life.

We can now swim freestyle and do the elliptical machine. We've also thrown the disc outside a couple of times. Walking is still slow and labour-intensive, but technique and endurance are improving.

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