Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 14

Exactly two weeks have gone by since they fixed me and now I get to meet with my surgeon. This isn't really the first time post-op because he did check in with Mireille twice in the recovery room after surgery.

He was there as soon as I woke up and asked how I felt. Fantastic, I said. Don't get too excited, he reminded me... Just wait until it all wears off.

He dropped by a little later, just before I left the hospital. Everything had gone well, he assured me. He also gave me some of the best news I could have gotten. My three meniscus tears were clinically insignificant and he didn't have to do anything about them. All of the padding is still in my knee!

So, today I got to go to his office and see before and after pictures of my innards. I saw a shot of an empty knee joint, where an ACL used to be, and then a shot with what looked like a big chunk of steak shoved in.

I also saw cloudy areas over some of my bone structures, which represent damaged cartilage. That was all cleaned up. He also showed me what looked like a line on one of my bones. Arthritis. Just about to turn 30 and already I have arthritis!?

Finally, he looked at my wounds and I asked when I could take off the tape keeping everything shut. The time was now, apparently. He just ripped them all off and Mireille was horrified. Look at how well your skin heals, he told Mireille.

He was right. The scarring won't be so bad after all.

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