Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 16

I was feeling quite bad yesterday. It hit me that I saw my surgeon for a follow-up appointment and I (ok, well Mireille...) completely forgot to thank him. Sheesh, the guy fixes me and Mireille doesn't even acknowledge it. How ungrateful!

For a good part of the day Mireille wondered what to do. Should she call his secretary and leave a message? "Oh, hi... Could you please let Dr. B know that I thank him for performing surgery on my knee?" That sounds kinda funny now, doesn't it?

Does she wait until her next appointment with him in four weeks? That seems like a long time. He'll have formed a bad impression by then...

Mireille left it at that but I suppose the powers that be were listening. Today, walking into physio, my surgeon was there! What a strange coincidence. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, she offered him a heart-felt THANK YOU.

It seems there is such a thing as synchronicity... intuition... tapping into the collective unconscious.

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