Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 8

I'm finally demonstrating real progress.

I can now bend over 90 degrees, which means I can comfortably sit in a chair. The wall slides are coming easily and I haven't experienced any pain doing them just yet. I just feel a tightness that prevents me from going any further. Pre-op, Mireille used to hate doing these. Now, they're not so bad.

I can also bike now. Mireille has to prop up the seat real high but still. It took about 4 months after the injury to bike and only 8 days after surgery... Go figure.

So, my physio said I no longer need the CPM machine and can get rid of it. Yay!

However, yesterday Mireille felt compelled to watch the news -- a very rare occurence and totally unusual. The first story was about a fire in a retail building... a retail building that bears an uncanny resemblance to the place from which Mireille rented the CPM machine! Yes, folks. The CPM machine will have to stick around until the store becomes operational again.

Moral of the story: go with your gut. It's usually trying to tell you something.

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