Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 6

The dreaded day has arrived! First post-op physio appointment... Every pore on Mireille's body was sweating profusely and I was no exception. Who knew knees could sweat so much.

The physio greeted me with a big smile. I had been absent for almost two months now, working on my own to prepare for surgery. I had been coming to this clinic for nearly five months after the injury and it was starting to feel like a second family. I actually missed this place!

Well, he seemed in a good mood so I was thinking maybe I'd get off easy. Yeah, right. The first thing the physio said to Mireille was to take off the bandages. "Are you sure?" Mireille hesitated. He raised an eyebrow and started unravelling it for her.

Mireille's eyes were shut tight and she was gripping the table for dear life. "Take a look at your knee," he said. "It looks fantastic."

Heck, it really did. I looked more like an orange today. A not-so-scary Florida orange!

The first day of physio wasn't so bad after all.

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