Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 5

Day 5 was also relatively uneventful. Mireille has been working hard and diligently on straightening the leg, engaging the quad muscles and weight bearing. Still can't do a leg lift, though. I'm just feeling numb and puffy, and don't really care.

I'm absolutely dreading the first physio appointment tomorrow. Mireille's been so soft and gentle with me... the physio is surely going to knock some sense into her and to stop being so paranoid. I know I'm going to be bent and pushed to the limit. All this extra care I've been getting surely won't last much longer.

Oh, I hope I don't get exposed! The physio will probably want to see what I look like... How embarassing. Mireille still has nightmares about the way I looked just a couple of days ago...

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