Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 28

Pool time!

Today Mireille got the green light to bring me back to the pool. Not to swim -- we're not there, yet. But to practice walking forward, backward, sideways and to do leg lifts, etc. The whole water exercise thing was very helpful before surgery and is proving to be just as good after.

Swimming had quickly become a pre-op addiction. It was pretty much the only social sport I could do. Social as in there were other people there. Like the old man that just waddled around and squirted people with water. Unfortunately, he wasn't there tonight.

Report on progress: I am bending at 126 degrees and am spending full workdays without any type of knee brace. Swelling was down today and I'm hoping it stays that way. I can't wait to be my thin old self again.

The next goals are to do one-legged calf raises (those scare Mireille for some reason. Hello, you didn't injure your calf!) and to go to the gym.

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